The John Bisson Memorial Trophy

John Bisson was a valued member of QMSO from 2012 until his passing in 2015. He became a committee member in 2013 and in his time on the committee he bought with him lots of knowledge and experience.

John was always thinking of ways to raise funds for the club – he had even gone to the extent of donating a shirt that had been signed by many V8 supercar drivers, he also had purchased a book for the club on how to fundraise.

John was also on the lookout for ways of recruiting new members and also training them.

In 2016, the John Bisson Memorial Trophy was introduced as QMSO’s way of honouring outstanding members throughout the year who have provided exemplary service and loyalty to the club. These members are bestowed with the honour of having their name put on the trophy.

It was an honour and a privilege to have John as a club member, and we look forward to John’s legacy living on at the club through the trophy.

This year, the decision was made to appoint two winners to the trophy. Congratulations to our dual winners for 2018 – Jason Tanzer and Kenn Smith!