President’s Corner

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our members for their outstanding dedication and support over the past year.

With all of us having such busy lives these days, one of the challenges facing our sport more than ever is the availability of officials who have the time to contribute to Australian motorsport’s ever expanding calendar of events. Next year looks to be no different, and one of the ways that the club will thrive going forward is by increasing our membership base. If you know a friend who is interested in motorsport or has expressed an interest in getting involved in motorsport officiating, please make them known to the group and bring them along to a race event.

I am also delighted to report that work is now underway to procure the equipment that we need to purchase as part of our successful grant application with the Community Gambling Benefit Fund. This will mean that we will soon have new marquees to provide shelter to our officials at club events, as well as a trailer to cart everything around in, and most importantly, our own set of state of the art radios and headsets for our officials to use at race events. I would like to thank Ray Krause MP for his assistance in getting the grant approved and the committee members who helped in various ways with the lodging of the grant.

One thing that will sadly be very different in 2019 is that race events will now be suspended at Lakeside Park Raceway until Queensland Raceways can find a way forward to resolve noise issues with the circuit’s neighbours and Moreton Bay Regional Council. If you haven’t already done so, I strongly implore you to write to Councillor Denise Sims at and make your feelings known about the importance and significance of keeping motorsport alive at this magnificent historical circuit.

In the meanwhile, we’ve got some cracking events coming up this year and I look forward to catching up with everyone throughout the racing season.


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